Secwepemc soul trying to evangelate the meaning of First Nations life. I am Secwepemcstin (Shuswap First Nation). I am educated but not completely. I am a filmmaker, writer, and a computer wizard. I love being creative. I’m also a lover of many things that take time to do. Its ironic that it takes time to make things that take time. So, I’m a firm procrastinator. I do everything well and I get things done when they need to be done. If things are done by me, I like to be sure that they have my name on it, which means things are done to the best of my abilities.

I am of no importance in the sense that I deserve more than others. I am of importance that I promise to make sure my family has what they need. I have no children. My family includes my six brothers and one sister by blood. My parents and their parents. My aunts and uncles who are second parents to me. My cousins who I grew up calling brothers and sisters. My nephews and nieces who I treat as they were my own.

I grew up in a reserve (reservation for the US folk). There is nothing like growing up in the boonies. Wake up and watch early morning cartoons while eating cereal, then go out all day until dark. Go walk around in the fields, up the hill for a hike in the summer time. Go pick berries and eat what you pick. In the winter, we would go cross country skiing in the fields. Sledding on the hill all day and night if we’re not skating at the rink. The freedom was amazing to me.


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  1. âpihtawikosisân February 28, 2012 at 5:49 pm #


    I’ve managed to lose touch with a lot of people in the move from WordPress to a self-hosted site, so I’m individually following up with bloggers who were following me:D I’ve set it up so WordPress bloggers can ‘follow’ me in the same way you used to at the new site: http://apihtawikosisan.com/. There’s no need to keep this comment, it was just easier to contact you via the blog. If somehow I’ve overlooked that you’ve already made the switch, you have my apologies.

    kinanâskomitin, and I hope to see you soon!

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