Do by your own right.

18 Jan

All along your lifelong steps have brought you to this point in life. There are so many steps you must take to mature and grow. You would think that walking would be the most important but I believe it’s actually being able to hold your own bottle, and then hold up your head. Two monumental events turn out to be the deepest etches of your abilities. It’s a long road to be able to be on your own, a very long road.

Do you know who taught you how to hold your head up? You did. Usually it takes a baby about 6 months to fully be able to hold his head up. This is all only physical though for the first few years of his life. I am sure you understand that physically holding your head up is not anywhere near as tough as mentally holding your head up. The minute you hit groups of people and are new or different, everyone else seems to hold you there. You feel alone. Just as a newborn learns to control neck muscle and motor skill, you must learn how to keep it up while alone. You must remember going through this. It’s a process known to everyone I’m sure. You would think you’re done in childhood how to hold your head up but you would be wrong. Even into your teen and adult years, your ability to hold your head up seems to be much harder. Not only is it physically and mentally demanding, it is now spiritual and emotional. You wonder why things are so hard sometimes and look to a higher being for answers. When you are feeling down and ask yourself how you will ever be happy again. All these push your head down but your ability to relearn how to hold your own head up seems to be natural. It might take 6 months again or even longer in some cases. It’s a daily struggle that you seem to do each day without realizing it sometimes. Yet you lay your head down to sleep, the very next day, you raise your head when you wake. I don’t know if you realize you do this too.

Walking is an essential part of life for most people. This doesn’t have to do with walking literally though. There are some that are unable to walk. Their resolve is even stronger though in this case. From the moment you start walking, you learn to run, then sprint, then ride a bike, then ride a motorcycle, then a car. Things tend to speed up as life goes on. The more you try to rush things the more likely you are to crash. No matter what happens, you must walk first. Even when things take a turn for the worst, you must slow right down to figure out where things went wrong. You can’t rush through fatigue and pain. We all wish time would sometimes just speed up but being as constant as it goes, you can’t change it. So there is no use trying to rush through things that take time. Putting one foot in front of the other, taking things one day at a time, is how you must get through such times. You’re going to wish tomorrow was here today. Or even next week, month, year, and decade. It’s okay. Everyone wishes this at some point in their lives. The habit is to complain rather than just take another step or get through your day first. Everyone does this too. You will notice that complaining comes before thinking in all people from time to time. The point is to change the habit of complaining first. When you complain less, you’ll find more reasons to be happy than frustrated. Things seem to speed up naturally when you’re having more fun. When you’re stuck, figure out what your next step is, then go from there. When a day has taken a turn, just make it through that day to start.

We are each raised by many people. Some are left to fend for each their own. Some are raised to look out for others. It does not matter how we are raised. No parent, grandparent, uncle, or auntie, will tell you how it will feel exactly how it feels to be in struggle. They will only empathize with you because they know exactly how it feels. You will have your first bully. You will be disappointed. Your heart will be broken. You will be alone. You will lose and have losses. No one can prepare you for these events in your life. No one can put into words how it feels. So all your parents can do is just be there for you when they happen.

It is a common thing to be amused at how subtle it is to take a step or get through a day. Yet those subtleties are needed sometimes. Put one more foot forward. Get through the day. Keep your head up. If all you want to do is keep your head down and push forward, you might not see those that are watching you. Be a beacon for others that may need some light to keep going. The path is trodden with footsteps from people before you. Keep the path fresh for others to follow. Our minds are trained to assess all situations. Our bodies are wired to follow the brain. If you think you can’t do anything else, your body will begin to listen. Just a thought of okay, one more step or okay get through the day, and your body will follow thought. Lay your head down and go to sleep. Tomorrow will be here soon to get through it. 


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